The Importance of Vehicle Checks by Professional Mechanics Before Long Road Trips

Before embarking on a long road trip, it is advised that the car should be thoroughly checked by a professional mechanic. This precautionary step can provide peace of mind during the journey and avoid potential problems on the road. Ensuring Safety on the Road Safety should be the top priority for any traveller. A detailed check of the vehicle by a professional mechanic will ensure that all the safety features of the car are in optimal condition.

Are Automated Transmission Services Necessary?

Automatic transmission services are convenient, particularly when in heavy traffic, where you have to constantly start, stop, and change gears. They also enable easier hill starts and afford you freedom from the clutch. And unlike their manual counterparts, automatic transmissions require little maintenance. But just how necessary are they?  An automatic transmission should last you a while. Yes, most manufacturers claim that their automatic cars don't require transmission fluid changes. So, in theory, you don't need to change the fluid.

4 Common Causes Of Delayed Automatic Transmission Shifting

Your vehicle is home to many mechanical systems, and the automatic transmission is one of the most complex. It's also one of the most hardworking since it is constantly controlling the way power is directed from the engine to the driveshaft. As such, it needs to put up with a lot of wear and tear, and that means problems can develop over time, including delayed shifting. Otherwise known as 'delayed engagement', delayed shifting occurs when your vehicle pauses either before shifting into drive or when gears are changed as you drive.