Troubleshooting Hydraulic Brake Problems in Cars

When it comes to ensuring car safety, brakes are one of the automotive components that you should never ignore. Brake types vary according to the age of the vehicle. If you drive a modern car, it probably comes equipped with brakes on all four wheels. The brakes are hydraulic, meaning they use fluid rather than a cable to operate. Every time you apply the brakes, the hydraulic fluid that flows through the brake system causes the calliper to clamp down on the rotors.

Are the Leaf Springs on Your Trailer in Perfect Condition?

A boat or car trailer is designed to do a specific job and carry a load within certain parameters. In ideal conditions, the trailer and its component parts should last a long time with only scheduled maintenance, but if you use it extensively or may frequently carry particularly heavy weight, extra care is required. What can happen if you don't pay close attention to such a situation? Leaf Spring Performance

Did You Know That Your Car's Oil Cooler Is Vulnerable to Damage?

An internal combustion engine has many internal parts that need to move together to work correctly. These mechanical components are often in very close proximity to each other, and as they turn, oscillate or otherwise move, this can generate a lot of heat and friction. Clearly, your engine oil will need to perform well to avoid any issues and keep things moving like clockwork, but this lubricant will also need a helping hand.