Are Automated Transmission Services Necessary?

Automatic transmission services are convenient, particularly when in heavy traffic, where you have to constantly start, stop, and change gears. They also enable easier hill starts and afford you freedom from the clutch. And unlike their manual counterparts, automatic transmissions require little maintenance. But just how necessary are they? 

An automatic transmission should last you a while. Yes, most manufacturers claim that their automatic cars don't require transmission fluid changes. So, in theory, you don't need to change the fluid. On a practical level, however, the majority of automatic transmissions aren't quite as smooth as all that.

Once they've racked up a lot of miles, many automatic cars start to experience transmission-related issues. Automatic transmission services often help prevent or resolve these issues. And while most manufacturers claim that transmission fluid changes aren't required, the reality is that the fluid's essential properties begin to deteriorate with age.

Symptoms of a faulty transmission

Once your car begins to behave strangely, you know there's a problem with the transmission. The gear shift isn't as smooth. And while the engine sometimes revs, the car fails to move forward. No, these symptoms may not cause you a problem at first, but they often worsen and evolve into more serious causes for concern.

Once the symptoms have become severe, the end of the transmission is in sight. Repairing it in time can help prevent these kinds of problems and save you from having to buy a new expensive transmission. You want to aim to avoid the transmission being in a state where there's no going back.

Getting your automatic transmission serviced

While saving the transmission is easier early on, it's fine to attempt a transmission fluid flush at a later stage. Changing the transmission fluid can markedly restore the transmission's performance, even with severe symptoms. While there's no absolute guarantee, it works in many cases and is an inexpensive way of resolving the issue. 

If you bought a new transmission, it would cost you ten times the amount of flushing the transmission fluid. So it's just common sense to opt for a repair. While the transmission may not be restored to optimum performance, you'll see some of the symptoms lessen, while others will vanish entirely. Maintaining the transmission early on is a far more attractive option than the alternative. Get in touch with a garage near you and ask for a quote. Your transmission will thank you for it. 

Reach out to a local company that offers automatic transmission services to learn more.