3 Clear Indications It's Time for Professional Transmission Repair Services

Generally, auto transmission issues escalate quickly, increasing repair work and costs significantly. However, timely repairs and routine maintenance can prevent these problems from worsening and reduce the need for a transmission replacement. Therefore, inspecting and repairing your car's transmission should be your top priority. If you are unsure whether your vehicle needs auto transmission repair, here are three signs to guide you. 

1. A Burning Fluid Smell When Driving

A burning fluid smell is a clear indication that your transmission is faulty. When the transmission fluid heats up, it produces a burning rubber smell that is easy to detect when driving. Furthermore, the smell might be resulting from leaking oil that may be dripping onto hot engine parts. Or it might be an indication that your transmission fluid is dirty.

Continuing to drive your car with the problem might damage the engine, requiring more expensive repairs. Therefore, when you notice a burning fluid smell when driving, take your vehicle to a professional mechanic for auto transmission repairs.

2. Difficulties Getting Your Vehicle to Change Gear

Difficulty getting your vehicle to shift gear is another clear sign that your transmission system has a problem requiring the intervention of a professional mechanic. The issue might be resulting from a leak in some of the lines. It might also be emanating from a worn clutch plate.

Therefore, if you have a problem engaging the drive or reverse gear, or it takes time before your vehicle slides into gear when driving, get transmission services immediately. Your mechanic will inspect your vehicle skillfully and conduct the necessary repairs or replacements to remedy the problem. 

3. An Illuminating Check Engine Light on Your Dashboard

If your check engine light turns on when driving, you have a reason to worry. The light might not indicate something serious but, you need to seek professional help to determine the underlying problem. Therefore, do not ignore the dashboard light and instead visit an auto repair shop right away. 

Your mechanic will inspect the engine and transmission professionally to deduce the problem. Afterwards, they will repair or replace the faulty parts to restore the normal functionality of your transmission.

All the signs highlighted above are a clear indication that it's time to seek professional transmission services. These signs indicate that your transmission is faulty and immediate repairs are necessary to prevent more complicated issues. Therefore, whenever you notice any of them, take your car to a reputable auto repairs shop for professional examination and repairs.