4 Signs It Is Time to Service Your Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission makes driving easier as it shifts gears without the driver's input. It uses sensors and shifts the gears using internal oil pressure. However, over time, it might develop issues, which might affect your car's functionality. Most people find it challenging to recognise the symptoms of a faulty transmission. Here are four signs it is time to service your automatic transmissions. 

Shaky Shifting

If your car experiences a shake during gear shifting, the chances are your transmission fluid is low or it needs to be changed. Therefore, you should get professional help to refill or replace the fluid. 

The transmission fluid works as a lubricant, allowing your transmission's parts to move smoothly. It also works as a coolant for the transmission since cars always overheat. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check your auto's transmission fluid level to enhance efficiency.  

As a vehicle owner, it is vital to change your automatic transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on your car's manufacturer's recommendations. However, if you use your vehicle for towing duties, you need to change it more often.  

Strange Noises

Malfunctioning automatic transmissions usually produce strange noises. If your car makes whining noises when changing gears, the issue is with the transmission fluid. Mostly, this problem might be solved by changing or refilling the fluid. However, if that is not the problem, the whine sounds might be due to a damaged pump. Therefore, your car should be checked by a professional auto mechanic to prevent further damage.

If your car produces a grinding noise during shifting, the cause is low transmission fluid or a cracked or chipped gear. If your vehicle makes strange noises when in neutral, the torque converter might be defective. 

Strange Smells

Transmission fluid has a slightly sweet odour. Therefore, if you experience a burning smell from the transmission, you need automatic transmission services.   


If you notice a red fluid in your parking space, your transmission fluid is leaking. This is caused by several reasons, including a loose bolt or a crack in the pan gasket, fluid lines, or torque converter. 

It could also be caused by poor alignment of parts, causing spaces that allow leakage. This can lead to costly effects on your engine and transmission. Hence, professionals should check your car early enough to prevent further damage.

Servicing your automatic transmission ensures that your car functions properly. If you notice any of the above-discussed signs, you should visit a reputable and licenced auto shop for professional assistance.

Reach out to a local automatic transmission service for more information.