3 Tips on Keeping Your Car Servicing Costs Down

Think it's time to ditch the ride-hailing service for a personal car? If you're contemplating getting yourself a new set of wheels, you need to keep in mind that every motor vehicle requires fuel, regular maintenance and prompt repairs to keep running well. These car operating costs vary from vehicle to vehicle, depending on mileage or number of hours spent on the road. 

Here's a three-pronged strategy to help you minimise the cost of servicing your new car.

1. Don't skip regular car servicing

Regular car servicing is intended to ensure your car runs smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. That is why vehicle makers recommended the specific mileage or time intervals at which vehicle owners should have their vehicles serviced. 

Failing to take your car for servicing after the specified mileage or time period may seem like an effective way to reduce car operation costs, but it isn't. This is because your vehicle will be running on ineffective or defective parts and products, which increase the potential for bigger car problems arising. 

Stick to your car service schedule found in your vehicle owner's manual, and you will be able to avoid the extra costs of performing unnecessary repairs. 

2. Always compare car service quotes

Many new car buyers think that they must take their car to the dealership where they bought it for servicing in order to avoid voiding the manufacturer's warranty. For the most part, the car services offered at the main dealership cost more than what most independent mechanics charge. 

With that said, you should ask for quotes from various car mechanics local to you and compare the quotes to determine which mechanic offers the best price. As long as they are trained and qualified to work on your car, and they have access to parts and products that meet your vehicle maker's standards, your manufacturer's warranty should be able to stand. 

3. Never disregard any sign of car trouble

No matter how regularly you service your car, it can still break down at any time. The good news is that most car breakdowns don't just happen – you'll often notice signs of trouble ahead of time. It is important to immediately have your car checked out if you notice anything unusual with its operation. The sooner the issue is identified, the less you're likely to spend repairing your car.

If you follow these three tips, you're likely to significantly reduce the amount of money you spend operating and servicing your car down the road.