Caravan Service: Different Causes of Power Steering Problems

Experiencing problems with your power steering can severely diminish your ability to control your vehicle. This is especially conspicuous when you are trying to navigate tight bends and corners. The reason for this is your power steering functions to ease the amount of strain that you experience when driving your vehicle.
With power steering problems, you have to put in significant effort to turn the wheels as far as they can go. There are a number of reasons why your power steering may begin to misbehave. Below are some of the different causes of power steering problems in your caravan.

Your power steering has sprung a leak

One of the common culprits of a power steering problem is an undetected leak. There are a number of things that you should be wary of that would be indicative of this cause. Firstly, you should look out for any fluid residue below the driver's side of the vehicle. This would most likely be coming from a leak in the power steering's system. Another sign to look out for would be weird noises when you are trying to turn the steering wheel. Grinding noises would be indicative of insufficient lubrication in the steering, which would be a telltale sign of an undetected leak. Leaks in the power steering system should be attended to post haste as diminished fluid levels could lead to the complete burning out of the power steering pump, which would be more detrimental to your vehicle.  

Your vehicle's drive belt keeps slipping

Another cause of problems with your power steering would be slippage of the drive belt. This will typically present itself with screeching noises when you are making a sharp turn. For instance, if you are at a stop sign and then have to make an immediate turn left or right, the power steering will emit loud squealing noises as you are beginning to turn it. This drive belt is located at the power steering pump, and it would be prudent to check whether it needs some simple repairs and returned to place or if it has developed extensive damage that would require it to be replaced.

Your power steering hoses are worn out

Your power steering is not immune to wear and tear. If your vehicle is old, it is not uncommon to begin to experience power steering problems that are caused by damages on the different components that it is made up of. One of the components susceptible to this wear and tear are the hoses. As they age, they begin to become brittle and start to crack. Left unchecked, this can also lead to a leak developing in the power steering system.