Avoid driving with a slipping transmission

The transmission system transforms engine power into motion which allows the car wheels to move. Generally, cars have either a manual or automatic transmission system. The safety aspect makes driving with a slipping transmission a big NO. So what signs would point to driving with a slipping transmission system?

Tip 1

One indication that your car is experiencing a slipping transmission problem is when you're driving and your car switches gears when it's not supposed to. In other words, the shift in gears catches you by surprise. The shift in gear may be accompanied by a weird noise. If your car is shifting gears out of the blue while driving, this is a potentially unsafe situation given that the car can start shaking and ram into other cars. This may cause serious harm to you as well as other road users.

Tip 2

Another indication of a slipping transmission is when your car doesn't shift gears smoothly. Moreover, you may hear a clunk or thud during the change in gears either up or down. Additionally, the car may experience problems accelerating and achieving the proper speed because it changes through different gear levels.

Tip 3

Thirdly, you may experience to some extent delays before the car begins to move. As soon as you shift to drive, you may have to wait for several minutes before the vehicle starts moving. Often, the engine revs during this waiting period, though the car may not move at all. This is indeed a frustrating experience for any car driver.

Tip 4

Often, low fluid level is a major cause of slipping transmission problems. Probably your transmission system is leaking and that's why your transmission fluid levels are low. The fluid is normally red in color, so if you see traces on your garage floor, know that you have a transmission leak problem.  You may use a dipstick to ascertain the fluid level in your transmission system. In the case of leaks, a mechanic should conduct a leak test and rectify the problem. Moreover, a transmission fluid service may also help restore the fluid back to the right level.

In conclusion, driving a car with a slipping transmission is not good because the safety and reliability of the car is unpredictable. Basically, the car can shift into different gears without notice, shake, and cause accidents. If your car is experiencing any of the above-mentioned signs, get in touch with a mechanic skilled in transmission services.