Car Service | 4 Fuel Leaks That Could Affect Your Car's Performance

Cars have become vital necessities with many people, but they need to be properly maintained to ensure their smooth running. Fuel leaks can affect the performance of your car over time because they compromise mileage, while causing dangerous problems with your engine or fuel tank. You will need to get a fuel leak addressed at a professional car service immediately to prevent dangerous accidents from occurring. This guide will help you identify fuel leak areas that can affect your car's performance.

Leak In Fuel Tank

One of the major causes of a fuel leak is a damaged fuel tank, which could result in a fuel smell inside your car. Damage to the fuel tank is typically caused because of corrosion or punctured holes even though it is made from strong materials like high-quality plastic and metal. Leaks in the fuel tank are typically seen at the rear or bottom and will emit a strong smell around the car or when you're inside. A fuel tank leak could lead to serious dangers while you drive, so make sure you get a car service to rectify the problem immediately.

Leaking Fuel Pipes

The fuel pipes transport fuel from the tank to the engine. They run from the back of your car to the front. These fuel pipes can get corroded or damaged over time because they rub against the metal beneath your car. You can identify a leak when you spot wet areas on the fuel pipes. If you notice these wet spots on your fuel pipes, be sure to get a professional car service to change the pipes before your car's performance is affected.

Fuel Injector Leak

A fuel injector mixes fuel and air together to run the engine smoothly, but this fuel injector can leak at various places. The leak can occur at the body of the fuel injector, at the fuel injector ball or at the top O-ring where the fuel injector is located in the fuel rail. A fuel injector also has a rubber seal at the bottom, which could wear out and crack over time. When this happens, fuel leaks out. You will need to replace the rubber seal to block the leak.

Loose Fuel Filler Cap

If the fuel cap is loose or missing, then it can lead to fuel leakage. A faulty fuel cap can also cause a leak. You will need to ensure that the fuel cap is properly sealed when you close the fuel tank. If the fuel tank cap is loose, then you will not be able to shut it properly, which will cause your fuel to leak and will compromise your mileage, while affecting your safety.

Fuel leaks should be addressed immediately by a qualified car service to ensure an optimum drive.