Truck Maintenance: Managing Rust on the Body Panels

Preventive maintenance is essential in promoting proper performance of your truck. In addition, the auto care will prevent degradation of the vehicle's components and limit the potential costs of repairs. Unfortunately, most truck owners focus on the internal component of their automotive assets and forget about the exterior elements. This is a detrimental practice because the exterior body panels are designed to protect the interior parts. Moreover, the panels are essential in presenting an aesthetically pleasing image, particularly in commercial trucks.

If you have neglected your vehicle's exterior, you might start noticing rust on the panels. This can be an expensive problem because you might require auto panel replacement. Here are some guidelines on managing rust on your truck's body.

Preventing Rust

The most ideal way to manage rust is to prevent the formation of the material on the surfaces. Basically, rust is formed on your vehicle when the steel sheet metal panels and other exterior components are exposed to air and moisture. This damage is usually accelerated by exposure to salt. The exposure can occur after winter due to de-icing salt or due to the salty moisture in the air in oceanic environments. You can prevent formation of rust by cleaning your vehicle thoroughly after contact with salt. This involves washing the metal panels and parts with considerably warm water and plenty of soap. The heat will dissolve the salt, ensuring better results.

Scratch Treatment

The paint on the truck exterior surfaces is useful in protecting the metal inside from adverse conditions and consequently, the risk of rust. Therefore, when the body sustains damage that exposes the sheet material, your vehicle will develop rust quickly. It is important to repair this type of damage immediately after its occurrence. You should purchase some touch-up paint to deal with accidental scratches on the truck. These products can be acquired from auto repair shops. Ensure that the colour of the paint matches your current body colour. When the scratch occurs, clean the area and apply some quality primer on the spot. Next, apply the touch-up paint and an automotive lacquer after it cures to promote longevity.

Rust Removal

If your body panels already have rust, you should treat the section immediately. Utilise a brush in scrubbing the lumps of rust and then use coarse grit sandpaper to refine the results. Once you are satisfied, smooth the area with fine grit sandpaper. If there are holes, repair with some body filler for uniformity. Finally, apply primer, quality paint and a protective coat on the surface.

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