Choosing the Best Option for Smash Repairs

Your car's body is bound to sustain some degree of damage during a major or minor accident. Smash repairs are repair and replacement services carried out after such accidents that distort the body of a vehicle and internal parts.

Before undertaking smash repairs, your dealer is required to liaise with your insurance company for approval based on your smash repair insurance cover. Once your insurer has assessed and accepted the claim, the process of sourcing for repair and replacement parts. Depending on the degree of damage sustained to your vehicle, the following options are available during smash repair.

Full repairs

Full repairs for crash vehicles is designed to restore the automotive to the state it was before the accident. In this case, all replacement are repair parts are obtained from the original manufacturer to ensure that the parts are exactly those that the car had before the damage. Full smash repairs should be carried out using high precision equipment and skilled personnel. They include panel beating and spray painting once repairs are complete. For the best services, it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a licensed body shop that observes high standards for smash repairs.

Insurance repair

This auto body smash repairs package provides repair options according to the settlement that your insurer agrees on. The types of repair and replacement parts to be sourced will depend on your insurance contract on the value of the car and its parts. Unlike the full repair where parts should be new and obtained from the original manufacturer, insurance repairs allow for installation of used parts, refurbished or parts from third party manufacturers. Insurance repairs are suitable where you do not wish to cover any costs above the insurance settlement.

Cost-effective smash repair

Cost effective smash repairs are suitable for older vehicles where aesthetics are of little concern, or in cases where you wish to restore the auto's functionality at the lowest cost possible. In this case, the types of replacement parts and the extent of repairs can be determined in such a way that costs are minimized. Parts can be reconditioned or recycled as long as they function properly.

After an accident, one is faced with the option of refurbishing the car to restore it to its original pre-accident state, repair it as per the insurer's settlement or make only the necessary repairs at the cheapest cost. The amount of money that one is ready to commit to smash repairs may determine the best package with full repairs as the most expensive and cost-effective repair as the cheapest.