Tips for Keeping a Motor Home in Good Shape and Avoiding Costly Repairs

When you own a motor home, you want to ensure that you take care of it and maintain it properly so that it lasts for years to come. Even though you may only use your motor home for a few weeks every year, it will still need regular maintenance and proper care in order to always be in good repair. Note a few tips when it comes to protecting yours so it's always good to go when you're ready to hit the open road.

1. Protect the roof

Very often the roof of a motor home doesn't get protected for the same reason many people don't clean off the tops of their refrigerators: out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. However, repairing or even replacing a roof on a motor home is much more expensive than many people think, and without proper protection, the roof of your motor home can easily chip, crack or otherwise suffer severe damage. The motor home may then have leaks and water damage inside, leading to even more costly repairs. Always use a sturdy cover for your motor home or store it under a carport or some type of cover when not in use.

2. Run and empty the generator

If you leave a generator unattended for months at a time, the gasoline inside can start to break down and, in turn, hurt the components of your motor home's generator. You need to run it and empty the fuel reservoir after each trip and then use fresh gasoline when you're ready to use your motor home again. This will ensure the generator is always operating as it should and a slowdown of power won't hurt your motor home's electrical components.

3. Check the seals after every trip

The seals around windows and doors are one of the first things to break down and need replacing in a motor home, but many motor home owners fail to check them until they notice water leaking and creating puddles inside their unit. If you check the seals around windows and doors after each trip, you can use an adhesive to reattach them if they've become loose after a time, or have them replaced altogether. This will prevent water damage around the frame of your motor home as well as around the floor tiles or carpeting and ensure you don't allow in wind and rain when your motor home is parked.

For more information, contact a motor home service.