Ideal Charter Bus Options for Group Rental

There are different transportation solutions to consider before choosing, depending on factors such as amenities, number of travellers and type of event. If you are looking for an appropriate group vehicle for casual or business travel, you should rent a bus from a company like Central Coast Car Rentals. Buses are fabricated in a wide range of sizes, so they can fit a large group of people. In addition, the internal area is spacious, which promotes comfort, and this choice is economical compared to renting several smaller vehicles. Here are the main bus options to evaluate before rental.

Deluxe Motor Coach

As implied, deluxe motor couches are large luxury buses that are suitable if you are travelling in big groups. The number of seats available in this type of bus can vary, so it is important to make inquiries before official rental. These coaches will typically provide high-back seats with reclining capabilities. Therefore, they are perfect for long journeys and tours. There are also expedient and comfortable restrooms and kitchenettes which reduce the need for frequent stops. In addition, you may find useful technological features such as public address systems, television, DVD players and even internet connectivity. However, you should note that some of these features will incur extra costs.


The minibus is also commonly referred to as a shuttle bus, a small bus or even a shuttle coach. This vehicle is perfect for transporting smaller groups of people, usually during relatively short trips. You should consider renting this bus type for small corporate and general business travel. They can be used to conveniently transport groups from the airport, to conferences, worksites and hotels. The minibus is also a good choice for casual travel, so you can rent the shuttle for sporting events or even weddings. The interior is relatively spacious, and you will typically enjoy the comfort of high-back seats. You can request for special features such as TV and DVD if the journey will be long. Unfortunately, there is no lavatory in the bus, so this might be an inconvenience.

Party Bus

The party bus is an ideal alternative to a limousine, and it is a perfect choice for hen parties, weddings, birthdays and even a casual night out. They are spacious and you can select the right number of seats depending on the size of the party. Additionally, the entertainment system is designed to offer the best sound to the occupants. If you choose a premium party bus package, you will get additional features such as a restroom, champagne coolers and leather seats for your event.